De Villiers Chocolate USA

Setting up a full suite of eCommerce features for the brand, WebWiser developed a custom Shopify theme that allowed De Villiers Chocolate to increase their local sales dramatically. This comes after having updated their logo & packaging to create a more cohesive & modern look. WebWiser also registered De Villers Chocolate on Amazon as part…

Kivu Noir Coffee

They also hold the title of being the world’s freshest coffee. Because there’s no third-party involvement, and because they roast in their country of origin, Kivu noir typically goes from harvest to your cup in one month. The brand and its positioning were developed by Webwiser and we implemented a full eCommerce solution, growing Kivu…

Black Insomnia Coffee

By delivering a 360° eCommerce platform solution, we took the brand global within three months of the initial launch in South Africa. In March 2017, Black Insomnia was ready to take on the world’s biggest market, the USA. Using a combination of top notch technology combined with state-of-the-art software and an integrated online PR campaign…

Susa Coffee & Tea

Their 100% Arabica Ground coffee comes in a biodegradable bag, as well as being sustainably and ethically sourced. WebWiser built a Shopify website to accommodate full eCommerce functionality for SUSA, as well as register them on Amazon to help bring the brand to the world’s largest consumer market.

Champagne PIAFF

WebWiser created a truly unique website, which suits the elegance of Champagne PIAFF, and established them on the global playing field as n leading champagne brand. We created a full eCommerce solution to help build an online sales channel for the brand, which marginally increased their sales .  

Clorbrite Pool Chlorine

As chlorine is a product that people need out of necessity, many other brands sell their product for a much larger cut of the profit. Clorbrite intends to combat this, by delivering a superior product at a much more affordable price point. WebWiser designed the signature Clorbrite logo, and assisted with further brand building. We…

Black Betty Jewelry

WebWiser developed a custom Shopify theme to suit the look and feel of the Black Betty brand while also taking the design of the website to the next level. A full eCommerce solution was implemented, covering everything from online orders to last-minute delivery through integrated eCommerce partners. Registration on Amazon further positioned Black Betty for…

Cantsbee clothing

By buying Cantsbee, you help support African Wildlife Conservation. Get dressed, explore, and be the change for a better and sustainable world. WebWiser establish the brand identity, as well as build a new eCommerce website to further their online dominance in the outdoor clothing sector.

Truth Coffee

WebWiser implemented a full eCommerce solution that covered the full range from online order to last-minute delivery through the integrated eCommerce partners. Thereafter, we registered them on Amazon and had the groceries section updated for them in order to use the FBA and MCF solutions from Amazon globally.